Children as young as 1-year-old are learning how to swim at local Y branches. But why? They can’t possibly be ready.

On the contrary, “you’re never too young to learn how to swim.”

Just look at this adorable little girl who’s doing great at such a young age, and she realizes, “When you get tired, you float.”

Local YMCAs are hosting free swimming lessons to children. The program, “Project Guard: Make a Splash,” is run by Dr. Angela Beale of Adelphi University.

Knowing how to swim is not only fun, but it’s safe.

“’It only takes a minute,’ said Bob Pettersen of the Great South Bay YMCA. ‘You hear this all the time – you’ve go to be vigilant, you have to supervise your children, and you have to teach your kids how to swim. That can save a child.’”

The program also sets out to teach survival skills. The child learns how to float in case they fall into the water. Beale says children can begin aquatic exposure as young as six months, where “they can actually tread and roll themselves over on their little backs.”

There are a lot of other lessons to be learned here. The children are taught what to do if someone else is drowning. They are instructed to call for help, throw in something that floats, and call 911.

Check into your local Y to see if they offer the free swim lessons for your children.

No children? Look into becoming a lifeguard to help protect those around you.

You can see the full article from CBS New York here.