The Importance Of Annual CT Scans For Smokers

Striking statistics show that even though lung cancer is the biggest killer in America, lung cancer screenings are critically low. Especially for high-risk smokers, CT scans are vital when monitoring lung health and screening for cancer. If you are someone you know may be at risk for this deadly cancer, keep reading to increase awareness about lung cancer and how we can fight it.

Why At-Risk Patients Should Undergo A Screening

The statistics behind lung cancer are frightening enough to make someone consider a CT scan. As the number one killer in the United States, lung cancer takes the lives of 426 each day with one of the lowest survival rates.

While there are numerous factors that may cause lung cancer, smokers are at the highest risk for this cancer. Quitting is an important first step, but those who are currently or have been a regular smoker is at the highest risk for this cancer.

Low-dose CT Scans Save Lives

Low-dose CT scans are vital for smokers because it can catch lung cancer at its earliest stages which increases survival rates. This simple chest x-ray takes photos of the lung which can help detect cancer. A CT scan can reveal cross-sectional images of bones, blood vessels, and soft tissues. CT scans alone could save 15,000 lives if only half the high-risk population was screened.   

Do you need a lung CT scan?

CT scans are life-changing for some, but not recommended for everyone. Those who are at high-risk should undergo regular lung cancer screenings. For those at high risk, patients are covered by Medicare and most health insurance plans. This lifesaving scan can is available the most people with almost no cost. Current smokers and people over the age of 55 are the first that should consider taking advantage of the low costs and undergoing a CT scan.

If you’re at risk for lung cancer, take our advice and undergo a low-dose CT scan. Our radiologist can provide you with personalized results that will help keep your mind at ease or help you fight lung cancer successfully. Easily book a lung CT scan and be proactive about your health.

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