Crash Course on the Different Types of MRI’s

Most patients aren’t super familiar with MRI’s in general, as far as how they work, the latest technology, etc., so throwing different types of MRI’s into the mix is just plain craziness. Rosetta Radiology is here to help you understand these different types of MRI’s because really, it’s quite simple and it can help you choose the best service for you. So here’s your crash course on the different types of MRI’s.

To begin, you just need to know three terms: closed, open, and wide. Sometimes you’ll hear the word “bore” thrown on the end of some of these, for example: “wide bore”, but it just refers to the type of opening on the MRI machine in which the patient enters. 

Closed MRI’s

These types have closed bores, just as the name implies. These machines can be the least comfortable for patients and some even experience a feeling of claustrophobia due to the “closed” tube shape. Although it may not be the most comfortable, closed MRI’s tend to have the best clarity of images. Because of the shape and structure, the machine can have a higher magnetic strength (generally somewhere between 1.0T & 3.0T), and higher-clarity images are transitively produced.

Open MRI’s

Again, just as the name implies, these types of MRI’s have an open bore/structure. So as opposed to the closed MRI’s, there is no tube that a patient has to feel trapped in. Instead, the patient lies on a surface that is in between two flat magnets that is open with plenty of elbow room on all sides. This is a great option for patients who are claustrophobic, need additional comfort or support, or have physical constraints that limit them from the closed machines.

Wide Bore MRI’s

This machine is like a happy medium of the closed and open MRI machines. It is wider than the closed MRI, giving the patient more space, but it’s also not as completely open as the open MRI’s. This is the machine Goldilocks would probably use since it isn’t too closed nor too open, but “just right”. 

Now that you have had your crash course on the different types of MRI’s, you can better assess which type would be best for you and your imaging needs! Be sure to check out how Rosetta Radiology can help you feel “just right” in our care. It’s our goal to provide you with the best services available, so contact us and schedule an appointment today!

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