5 ways to cool off in the summer heat

New York in the summer can be both the greatest city in the world, and the most grueling place on Earth. This summer, especially, has been quite steamier than most with high temperatures soaring to the upper 90s. New Yorkers need sweet relief and we have it for you, use these tips when venturing outdoors for the rest of the summer season.


1.)   Avoid the subway

This can probably feel like an impossible task if you basically live on the subway, but the subway platform is usually 10 degrees hotter than the city streets. If you can either walk, bike, or take the bus as a form of transportation. If you can’t stop taking the subway, try and wait in the station and then go to the platform last minute to keep cool.


2.)   Carry water at all times

There is water always readily available in the city from street vendors, bodegas, and other areas. If you are traveling further out from the city into the outer boroughs try and keep a bottle on you or in your purse.


3.)   Find a cooling station

If you are one of the many in NYC who don’t have air conditioning, don’t sweat! The local government has set of cooling centers on particularly hot days. Find your local one here: http://maps.nyc.gov/oem/cc/index.htm;jsessionid=B0493E54AE7807F4A8B98F641E1A799B


4.)   Take a trip to the water

Try and grab dinner or lunch by the water, there is a sea breeze that feels amazing in the summer heat. The temperatures can be almost 5-10 degrees cooler by the water, so make some time to adventure to the beach and to Hudson river park.


5.)   Dress cool

It’s not the winter so don’t sport winter gear! Opt for summery clothes like tank tops, sandals, skirts, and shorts. Also, go for clothes that don’t cling to the skin and are easier for the skin to breathe in.


We know it’s hot but with these tips on how to stave off the warmth, you can finish off the summer season in cool fashion.




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