Coffee: Healthier Than You May Think

With New Yorkers are known for drinking more coffee than other Americans, our Upper East Side office is no stranger to a cup of coffee.  Whether or not this beverage is bad for you have been disputed for years and the answer has been unknown until now. We are here to set the record straight on our favorite caffeinated beverage.

So, is coffee actually bad for you? 

The simplest answer is that coffee has a lot of health benefits and can actually be good for you, but these benefits may not be as beneficial for everyone.

The Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Drinking coffee daily can actually prevent various diseases such as type 2 diabetes, risk of stroke and heart attack, and cancer. Coffee is so beneficial because it is high in antioxidants that can help fight cancerous cells.  By reducing inflammation in the body, drinking a cup of coffee daily can help drinkers live longer.

Here are a few other health benefits that you can get from drinking a cup of coffee daily:

·      Reduce post-workout muscle pain.

·      Increase your fiber intake.

·      Lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

·      Reduce risk for suicide and depression.

·      Less risk for gout and liver cancer.

·      Black coffee can prevent cavities.

These benefits can be harbored from drinking caffeinated coffee as opposed to decaf. Coffee has so many health promoting properties because they are high in naturally occurring antioxidants.

The Good And Bad Of Coffee

For most drinkers, drinking their daily cup of joe can provide these benefits. With that being said, coffee is not as beneficial for everyone. For those who suffer from certain heart conditions, caffeine sensitivity, or women that are pregnant, caffeinated coffee may not be for you.

When enjoying your cup of coffee, steer clear of creamers that are high in fat and packed with sugar to ensure you get the most out of your cup of joe. We hope these benefits will encourage you to not feel guilty about enjoying a cup of coffee or two each day.

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