I Mustache You A Question…

Unless you live under a rock, it’s pretty much guaranteed that almost everyone has heard of No Shave November. It’s one of the most anticipated months of the year for many people, both male and female, who are looking for an excuse to toss those razors in the back of the cabinet and let everything grow free! For some people it’s fun. For some people it’s a challenge among to see who breaks first. For some people it’s an excuse to be lazy. For some people it’s a chance to brag about who has a bigger beard. For many people, though, it’s a lighthearted way to show support for a serious subject.

No Shave November started in 2009 as a small-time campaign seeking to raise funds and awareness for cancer, more specifically prostate cancer. No Shave November comes in the wake of October, which is dedicated globally towards breast cancer awareness. Prostate cancer, which has a much higher death rate than breast cancer and receives far less funding, doesn’t get a lot of attention in the media, much in part because of the fact that the topic is an awkward one. People feel much more comfortable campaigning to “save the tatas” than they do discussing the prostate.

Since 2009, No Shave November has gained substantial popularity as more people get on board to support the cause. The concept is to go the whole month of November without shaving, donating the money that you would typically spend on shaving products, waxing sessions, eye-brow threading, etc., towards research and treatment for cancer. Participants have a bunch of fun during No Shave November, taking progress pictures, comparing with friends, and in particular trying out different mustache/beard combinations while finally shaving at the end of the month.

We’re huge fans of supporting awareness of any kind for disease, so we encourage everyone to participate in No Shave November (yes, ladies, even you!).  We’d also like to point out, however, that while participation is great, donation is key. We’ve noticed that most people have heard of No Shave November and generally understand that for the month of November, you don’t shave. They get that. What people don’t know is that they’re encouraged to donate to the cause as well. Awareness is awesome, and so far No Shave November has done a wonderful job of achieving that, but all the awareness in the world won’t make a difference without the resources and funding necessary for research and treatment. Please keep this in mind if you’re planning to participate.

That being said, have fun this November! Compete with your friends. Try to model your facial hair after your favorite fictional character. Guys: when some girl asks you what’s up with your scraggly, patchy excuse for a beard, explain what you’re doing and why. Girls: when your significant other wants to know why your legs feel like a shag carpet, ask him “why not?” Participate in the fun and enjoy yourself.

Let the games begin!

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