Usually “beer bellies” come from drinking too much alcohol. However, some people (very few, but still…) can’t help it.

They call it: gut fermentation syndrome, also known as auto-brewery syndrome. There have been very few cases recorded in the last thirty years, but it still happens.

Recently, an unnamed 61-year-old Texan came forward saying he felt drunk literally all the time. His wife is a nurse who gave him breathalyzer tests. Even after ensuring he didn’t drink, he would blow as high as a 0.40 BAC.

“The physicians were not aware of any way that a person could be intoxicated without ingesting alcohol and therefore believed he must be a ‘closet drinker.’”

A gastroenterology clinic took him in for 24-hour observation to ensure he wasn’t sneaking drinks. They found out that his stomach was actually turning food into alcohol.

“The underlying mechanism is thought to be an overgrowth of yeast in the gut whereby the yeast ferments carbohydrates into ethanol.”

The doctors were able to medicate him to keep his yeast levels in check. While this is a rare occurrence, make sure you stay in tune with your body to stay healthy.

You can read the full article from CNN here.