Can vegetarians live longer?

With all of the holiday meals around the corner, this is a question we’re dying to know the answer to. The war between herbivores and carnivores has gone on for hundreds of years. We as humans are collectively omnivores, but the battle between whether you’re a vegetarian or you fancy your fair share of meat is an everyday occurrence. We all know that one of the main benefits of meat can be protein, which helps build muscle and helps you feel fuller longer. However, in recent years some studies have shown that vegetarians are actually healthier than meat eaters and can live longer. How is this possible? Let’s find out.


To qualify to be a vegetarian, you must eat nothing with animal meat, this can include eggs and fish. One benefit of eating a plant based diet is lower blood pressure, meat tends to have more salt and cholesterol, which increases blood pressure. By not eating meat, people can actually reverse high blood pressure that is already present in the body. Vegetarians also have a lower risk of heart disease, which is the number one killer of U.S. adults. This is also due to the fact meat contains more cholesterol than plant based proteins do.


In addition, vegetarians boast better moods than meat eaters do. The reason? Sometimes fatty meats such as beef, pork, and veal, can increase sluggishness and decrease energy levels. With decreased energy levels a person is more likely to have a worsened mood. Decreased energy levels are linked to the likeliness of being overweight. Vegetarians are more likely to have a lower BMI than their meat eating counterparts, due to the fact that meat has more fat than most vegetables and plant-proteins.


The benefits of being vegetarian are far and wide, but if you’re a meat eater it doesn’t mean you have to convert to live longer. If you are a meat eater, be sure to limit fatty meats such as beef, pork, veal, and replace with better meat substitutes such as, chicken, salmon, and turkey. These small differences can provide you with tons of protein without too much cholesterol and fat. Everyone here at Rosetta Radiology wants you to have a long and happy life and that starts with your diet, so we encourage everyone to eat even a little bit healthier than they already might be.

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