5 Ways To Stay Calm During A Mammogram

While mammograms are necessary to staying proactive, we understand the actual scan can be intimidating and often uncomfortable. Whether it’s the actual procedure or waiting for results from your radiologists, mammograms can bring about anxiety in any patient. Here are five tips from our team at Rosetta Radiology on how to stay calm during a mammogram. 

1.)   Positive thoughts only 

The mind controls the rest of your body, so if you think happy thoughts you will be happy in return. Saying little phrases to increase your positive thinking during the exam can help you keep your composure. Repeat mantras to yourself like, “I can do this”, “I am strong”, “I am healthy just for getting this done”. Doing this is sure to calm your nerves during a mammogram exam.  

2.)   Bring along hand warmers

The machine that you place your breast on may be cold, which makes the process a bit unpleasant. A clever solution for this is to bring hand warmers and rub them all over your body to warm it up. If you do get really uncomfortable by the temperature, you can request that the heat in the room be turned up or the machine be warmed up.

3.)   Listen to your favorite song 

It can be awkward just standing around with your breast on a machine while a stranger takes pictures. Bring your headphones and some music to take that off your mind. Listening to music can elevate your mood and ensure that you will be calm during your breast screening.

4.)   Ask about EMLA cream before the appointment

This topical anesthetic is useful if you have discomfort in your breasts during the mammogram exam. Rubbing the cream on your breasts 30-45 minutes before and wiping it off prior to the procedure can make a more pleasant examination. It doesn’t get rid of the pain all the way, but patients say it does decrease it.

5.)   Follow your doctor’s instructions

It is crucial to follow instructions before and during your breast screening. This means to do exactly as the doctor says, such as no wearing deodorant or lotions. These products can cause specks on the film and lead to another examination if the images don’t turn out right. Can we agree that no one wants to get another mammogram exam immediately after they went through one? 

We hope these tips will help you feel more at ease during your next mammogram. Remember, this scan is very important for your health and any discomfort is only temporary. If you are looking for a quality imaging center to receive a yearly breast screening, schedule your next mammogram in Manhattan at our radiology center today!

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