Breast Cancer Care: 5 Ways To Support Your Loved One

Breast cancer awareness is usually focused on gaining momentum to help fight breast cancer using fundraisers, contests, and other ways to raise money to fund research. However, one aspect of breast cancer that is sometimes pushed to the side is how to support people who are already going through it. It can be a tricky ocean to navigate when someone you are close to tells you they have breast cancer, but here are 5 excellent ways to show your support for them.

Tip #1:   Be honest

People who are going through breast cancer are experiencing a world of emotions. By being honest with them about your feelings, without being hurtful, will always be much appreciated by them.

Tip #2:   Let them talk

I know it’s probably hard, but don’t always talk when there is a weird silence, and don’t always offer advice on something. If you have never had breast cancer you don’t really know exactly what they are going through. They will appreciate it if you just sometimes don’t talk and listen to them babble on and on about things related or not related to breast cancer.

Tip #3:   Always show up

The worst thing you can do for someone going through breast cancer, is to say you will be somewhere and not show up. They need comfort and support as they go through the process of breast cancer. Survivors say that the worst thing about breast cancer was feeling isolated, or alone. Make sure you show them you care by, going to them on days off, surprising them, and always just being there as an anchor in their life.

Tip #4:   Be available

Make sure you are available to them for whatever they may need. If they need a shoulder to cry on, be that shoulder to cry on. If they need to call you at 2 AM, answer without hesitation. Being available to them is key to making them feel like they are not alone in this fight against breast cancer.

Tip #5:  Show your support

This can be translated in different ways. Show your support to them by bringing them meals when they are hungry, celebrating small victories in their treatment, and maybe even helping pay some bills for their treatment. This can also mean running in 5k’s that support breast cancer, raising money for a breast cancer charity, or bringing her cute breast cancer gifts.

These small tips can go a long way towards showing your loved one just how much you care and are there for them throughout their breast cancer journey. Remember to always be positive and know that people can come out of this disease stronger than ever! If you have a loved one who is high risk for developing breast cancer or over the age of 55, be sure to highlight the importance of early detection in breast cancer prevention. Encourage them to get their annual mammogram, and make sure to support them no matter what the mammogram says!

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