Are MRI’s Safe For Kids?

MRIs are a wonderful tool used to diagnose and treat countless diseases and ailments. In some cases, and MRI can provide clearer, more detailed images thank other types of diagnostic imaging methods. When it comes to getting an MRI for your child, you may be more apprehensive than if you were getting an MRI for yourself. Your number one concern as a parent your child’s safety, so you want to be sure MRIs are safe for children. While we can attest that MRIs are almost always safe procedures for your child to undergo, we’ll dive into more about MRIs to ease any concerns you may have. 

What is an MRI?

MRI scans employ powerful magnetic fields and high-frequency radio waves to create detailed images of inside the body. MRIs are most commonly used to diagnose soft tissue injuries, including ligaments, tendons, spinal injuries, brain injuries, and more.

Are MRIs safe for kids?

MRIs are considered to be extremely safe for children. Because they use magnets to create the images, there is no radiation associated with MRIs, unlike x-rays or CT Scans. Children can undergo multiple MRI treatments with no side effects because they do not use radiation.

What happens during an MRI?

One of the more difficult aspects of MRIs for children is the simple fact that they will be asked to be still for a long period of time—not something most children enjoy. The entire MRI can take anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour. If your child is unable to avoid the wiggles, he or she may be given a child-friendly sedative to help calm them and help them sit still through the MRI.

How can you make it less scary for your child?

The best thing you can do is explain exactly what to expect. Many doctors and radiologists have worked extensively with children and will work to make it less scary—and maybe even fun! You can make it an imaginative game and tell him or her that they are going on a mission that involves being very still and silent for a little while. Then reward them for being so brave after the procedure with a toy or a fun outing.

MRIs are a safe diagnostic tool for children. And while we know you love your children more than anything, we hope this has helped alleviate some of your concerns and allowed

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