Are Mammograms Just For Women?

When people think of mammograms, they often think of women. Contrary to what many people might think, breast cancer affects both genders. While they only make up 1% of the breast cancer cases in the US, a mammography is recommended for men who may be at high risk or experience some of the symptoms. 

Men At Risk For Breast Cancer

It’s important to note that males that are considered “high risk” still have different screening recommendations than women. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) recommends that men who are at a higher risk of getting breast cancer should have a clinical breast exam every 6-12 months, starting at age 35, and should consider getting a mammogram at age 40.

Another thing that’s great about mammography for men is that it is more accurate for them as opposed to women. This is because men don’t have dense breasts (not as much tissue) nor experience other breast changes that may interfere with the test. 

Both men and women can get breast cancer. Even if the chances may be low, listening to the possible risks that certain men might have and how to recognize the symptoms of breast cancer. While men may not need undergo routine breast cancer screenings, it is important to know how breast cancer can effect the popultion as a whole and not just women. 

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