8 Bizarre NYC Facts That Will Leave You Stunned

We’re located in New York City, so we see all of the crazy, fun things that this city has to offer. There is never a dull moment between the crazy street performers, wild outfits, strange people, and constant events. New York is truly the city that never sleeps. It’s a blessing to be located in a such a lively area with a colorful story. Our imaging center isn’t as wild as our city is, but it’s always fun to simply enjoy the craziness around us. So, we decided to shine some light on some of New York’s strangest and weirdest trivia! It’s time to air your dirty laundry, NYC.


1. New York banned pinball in 1978.


With all of the craziness and wild behavior happening on the streets in broad daylight, it’s hilarious to imagine a crackdown on pinball. Apparently, there were prohibition style busts to enforce the ban!


2. Madison Square Garden, Washington Square Park, Union Square Park, and Bryant Park used to be cemeteries.


It’s creepy to imagine your nice day out is actually standing on top of hundreds of skeletons! I don’t know about you, but cemeteries certainly creep me out.


3. A man mines the sidewalks for gold.


If you pass a man mining in the sidewalk, don’t assume he’s just another crazy person. This person can actually make $600 per week. I guess New York is hiding gold under the sidewalks!


4. To operate a taxi cab, you need a 1-million-dollar medallion.


Yes, that’s right. The gold medallion on your taxi driver’s cab costs a million dollars to get. This one definitely surprised me!


5. Women can go topless.


You might have seen the various strikes where women stand outside shirtless. Well, apparently the reason they’re allowed is because it’s completely legal, as long as it isn’t for profit.


6. Albert Einstein’s eyeballs are living in New York.


His eyes are currently in a safe box with a man named Adams…this isn’t a joke. We all know his brain was preserved because he was one of the world’s most brillants minds, but his eyes? That is just a little too weird.


7. There are shrimp in our drinking water.


The reason our water is so special is because there are tiny, invisible shrimp swimming around. This seems insane, but somehow it’s still clean and completely not harmful.

8. There are fake buildings.


These fake buildings are perfectly disguised and wouldn’t catch your eye as being suspicious. They’re used for subway maintenance and ventilation!


New York never ceases to amaze all of us at Rosetta Imaging, and that’s why you have to love it. We’ve been here for a while, but after researching for this blog, we’ve learned a lot about New York that we never knew. If you’re in need of any medical imaging needs, come visit us and our crazy city to have a blast. We would love to take care of your imaging needs and give you tips on the best places places to explore.

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