6 Celebrities Who Promote Mammograms

Some celebrities have taken it upon themselves to encourage women to get mammograms. Although the public doesn’t think about it a lot, many celebrities have unfortunately been diagnosed with breast cancer or know someone in their family who has. Thus, they want their fans to be aware an early detection of breast cancer can save lives.


1.   Sandra Lee

 Sandra Lee Picture courtesy of PopSugar

Sandra Lee is a famous televised celebrity chef and author from Santa Monica, CA. Sandra began speaking out about breast cancer when she got diagnosed at 48. She went on Good Morning America and stated, “If it saves one person, and makes one more person go get a mammogram, and if they’re sitting down right now watching this, don’t watch this TV. Go pick your phone up, and call your doctor and get your rear end in there and get a mammogram right now.”

2.   Amy Robach

Amy Robach Picture from people.com


Amy Robach is a co-host of the Today Show. In 2013, her producers asked her if she would be willing to get a mammogram on live TV. Having avoided the screening for years, she agreed hoping it would encourage other women to do the same. However, the results came back and a month later Amy announced she was positive for breast cancer. After this she had eight rounds of chemotherapy. 

3     & 4. Meredith Viera and Angela LaGreca

Meredith Viera and Angela LaGreca


Angela LaGreca, the producer for the Meredith Viera show, and Meredith herself decided to also promote mammograms by getting them on live TV. They revealed the results on the show later but unexpectedly, Amy’s results showed cancer. Months following, she shared her life-saving mammogram and her journey with breast cancer on the show. Both women believe mammograms are an important part of women’s health. 

5. Andrea Mitchell

Andrea Mitchell Picture from twitter.com


Andrea is an NBC chief foreign affairs correspondent. In August 2011, she had her annual screening for breast cancer and discovered she had breast cancer. She later admitted because of her screening, the detection came early enough to stop the spread and now encourages other women to get mammograms.

6.   Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow Picture from SherylCrow.com


Sheryl Crow is known for her country, folk and pop music. Many do not know this, but in 2006, Crow was diagnosed with breast cancer after her exam. She stated she had no symptoms, but the detection came up in her mammogram and now encourages other women not to skip this exam. 


As you can see, when celebrities get breast cancer they often take it upon themselves to make it their mission to make the public aware. Talk to your doctor today about setting up a mammogram appointment! 

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