5 Ways to Improve Your Work Experience


“Living in the grey means that you embrace the idea that you should strive for fulfillment in your career by uniting personal passions with professional pursuits and valuing social engagement in your workplace,” says Munczinski.

The movement has a huge following, including celebrities like Sophia Bush of One Tree Hill and model, Lauren Bush Lauren.

But why make an effort to combine your social and professional life?

Research actually shows that feeling fulfilled in the workplace leads to higher engagement and retention at that job.

So, here are some tips from Women’s Health Magazine on how to reach a higher level of happiness at work:

1) Make Your Co-workers Into Friends

Building relationships are mutual respect and trust is a great foundation to both professional and personal relationships. Start a weekly happy hour to get to know your coworkers, but be sure to stay away from conversations about current projects and office gossip.

2) Get (or Become) a Mentor

Mentorships should be a combination of teaching and learning from both sides. It’s easy enough to find someone in the office you admire and invite him or her out for coffee. You can also read this other article about The Person Who Can Give Your Career a Boost.

3) ID Your Passions

Simply ask yourself: what was the last project or task I did that didn’t feel like work? What did I love to do as a child? And what would I do if money weren’t a consideration? Once you have your answers, move on to #4.

4) Turn Your Passions Into Professional Pursuits

Try to incorporate your passion into your everyday work life. If you like planning events, ask your boss about putting together an after-work speaker series or a social program. If you like sports, talk about getting a sports league together within the company. This also ties in to #1 – turning your coworkers into friends.

5) Assess Your Current Gig

If you have a passion that you absolutely cannot find a place for in your career, it might be time to look for a new job. Luckily, there’s another Women’s Health article about Career Choices that might be able to help.


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