5 Ways to Celebrate Veteran’s Day

In the United States, the overwhelming majority of people are patriotic (especially after this election) and believe in respecting those that have served in our military. After all, they are the reason that we are safe in our country. Veteran’s Day is a day that honors everyone that has passed away while serving in the United States military, but it’s also a great time to honor those who are currently serving.

It can be a gloomy day considering it’s a posthumous celebration, however it is extremely important to honor those that have not only served in our country, but given their life to protect us and continue to do so. Our soldiers have earned this day, and many more days, so here’s five ways to honor our U.S. soldiers on Veteran’s Day!

Thank a Veteran

What better way to show your respect than to do so directly to a soldier? They need to hear our support more often and now is the perfect time. If you are friends with a soldier, give him or her a call to simply say that you appreciate them and their service. If you don’t know someone, stop the next person in uniform that you see in public. A simple thank you for your service can go a long way!

Make a Trip to a National Cemetery

You can go alone or bring your family along for the trip. While it may seem like a gloomy way to honor the veterans, it is where they currently reside and a way to show the highest honor. Make sure to pick or buy flowers to place on their grave. 

Go to a Parade

If you want to stay local, find out where your town’s Veteran’s Day parade is taking place. This is a super fun and great way to spend your day while also honoring our soldiers. It varies from town to town, but it’s always amazing to gather a huge group of people that all have the same goal in mind—paying tribute to our soldiers.

Fly Your American Flag

Many people either place flowers or American flags on soldiers’ graves, but if you can’t get to their gravesite—don’t fret. You can wave your red, white, and blue anywhere you see fit. Whether it’s in your front yard, on your car, on your office desk, etc. You can show your American Pride and tribute to our soldiers through your patriotism!

Have A Moment of Silence

If you have a busy day and won’t be able to celebrate the holiday throughout the day, you can take a simple moment of silence to show your respect.

Veteran’s Day is right around the corner and it’s important to consider how you want to celebrate the big day! You might need to put some planning together if you are wanting to travel or attend your local parade. There’s so many ways to show your respect, so do it in your own way. All of us at Rosetta Radiology wish you a Happy Veteran’s Day and give a special thank you to all who serve this nation.

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