5 Great Resources For Cancer Patients

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, all the things you need to do in addition to fighting for your life can seem overwhelming.  You likely have no clue where to start with finding resources for support or education and information during your treatment. In this article, we will share 5 great resources to help your daily life seem more manageable while battling cancer.

A Great Medical Team

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, the best thing you can do is to find a medical team you can literally trust with your life. They are your best resource for information on your disease, fully understanding your treatment plan, and additional lifestyle changes you can make to ensure you have the best possible chance of beating your cancer. Surrounding yourself with a board-certified medical team with ample experience who care about your treatment is the best thing you can do to make yourself feel more at ease with often uncomfortable treatments such as radiation.

Support Groups

There are a number of support groups out there filled with people who are experiencing something similar to what you are. Bonding with individuals over a shared experience like battling cancer can feel empowering, especially when you feel alienated or alone because of your disease. Ask your doctor if he or she can recommend a support group they know about, or look online.

Financial Support Services

The last thing on your mind during your cancer treatment should be how you are going to pay for it. Once you’ve discussed your diagnosis and treatment plan with your oncologist, you should look into different financial services that can help you pay for your treatment so you can focus on your health rather than your bank account.

Counseling for Cancer Patients

Sometimes it’s good to speak your mind with someone you don’t know and love. You feel more free to be honest without fear of your loved ones worrying about you even more than they already are. It also creates a safe, judgment free zone where you can speak with a professional who specializes in in providing counseling for people undergoing cancer treatment. 

Assistance Programs

There are programs available that you can find through the American Cancer Society that assist with the logistics involved with cancer treatment, whether that includes rides to treatment appointments or lodging assistance when a patient has to move away from home to receive treatment.

Coping with cancer is easier with the right support and resources. If you want a board-certified team to help you feel more comfortable during your oncology treatment, call Rosetta Radiology today.

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