5 Common Causes of Back Pain

Unfortunately, the older we get, the more we experience and recognize physical pain. The most common type of pain is back pain, especially lower back pain. Although there can be extensive medical explanations for some back pain, there are also multiple lifestyle triggers that affect our back and sometimes cause pain. Luckily, a lot of these triggers are in our control! Check out these 5 common causes of back pain… you might find a solution for your own.

1.) Slouching

You have definitely heard your mom tell you to not slouch when you sit. Well, she is right, it is horrible for your back to slouch when sitting or standing. Slouching can create huge stress on the discs in your back and cause pain. Slouching can also decrease blood flow and cause a ton more stress on your body and mind.

2.) Lifting heavy objects

People always tell you to be careful when lifting heavy objects because that is one of the most common causes of back pain. When lifting something heavy, lift with the legs and not the lower back. Lifting with the lower back can cause a disc to dislocate and bulge out of your back and cause problems in other areas of the body. 

3.) Being overweight

It might sound obvious, but the extra weight in your body causes your back to hold and support more weight. Since the back holds the body straight, the extra fat on an overweight person’s body stresses the spine. This causes the back to ache, even when doing sometimes simple daily tasks.

4.) Not exercising

Some people may be surprised by this, but not exercising can cause a lot of back pain in adults too. Exercising strengthens all muscles and bones, so by exercising, the back will get stronger. This is a great way to prevent back pain because if there is a time when you put a lot of pressure on your back, it will be strong and able to withstand more pressure instead of cause you more pain.

5.) Wearing high heels

This is for all the ladies that wear high heels all day, everyday. Try and refrain from wearing them too much. The back is at a disadvantage when someone wears heels because it is more vulnerable to pain and sprain.

Even though back pain is the most common pain people experience, it’s comforting to know that some factors that cause back pain can be controlled and sometimes reversed by a simple lifestyle change. If you’re struggling with back pain, try a few of these preventative measures and see if it helps. If not, consider consulting with your doctor to get to the root of your pain.

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