Celebrities You Didn’t Know Have Beaten Breast Cancer

The statistics of breast cancer are scary. In the U.S according to Komen.org., 123 women out of 100,000 will be diagnosed with breast cancer (or think of it as 1.2 in every 1000, that means somebody at the mall today in your hometown will be diagnosed most likely at some point in their life). Thus said, breast cancer affects us all in some way and celebrities are no exception. I’m sure you’ve heard of some celebs like Angelina Jolie’s battle with cancer, but here are some celebrities that you might not have realized have fought breast cancer.


1.   Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn who starred in Charlie’s Angels underwent a lumpectomy and radiation to treat her cancer in 2002. She went in for a mammogram and they found a lump that was determined to be breast cancer. Smith encourages women without a family history of breast cancer like herself, to not feel overly confident they won’t get it.


2.   Dame Maggie Smith

Maggie underwent intensive chemotherapy treatments in 2008 to battle her breast cancer. She has starred in dozens of films but most recently is known as Professor Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter. In a 2009 interview, Maggie stated the good thing about breast cancer was it was easier to get into her wig for Harry Potter.



3.   Cynthia Nixon

You may not know about Cynthia who starred in Sex in the City and her fight with breast cancer. At first, she thought the disease carried too much stigma and did not want to experience a public battle. Two years after she beat cancer, she spoke publicly about the importance of breast cancer awareness.



4.   Wanda Sykes

Wanda Sykes is a comedian known from the Chris Rock Show. Sykes chose to have a double mastectomy to improve her odds of beating cancer in 2011. She went on the Ellen show to talk about her experience. “I was very, very lucky, because DCIS is basically stage zero cancer,” Sykes told DeGeneres.



5.   Ann Romney

Ann Romney is the wife of 2008 and 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. On the campaign trail in 2008, Ann was diagnosed with breast cancer. After having a lumpectomy and undergoing radiation, Romney is currently living cancer-free. Another fun but sad fact, Ann was also diagnosed with MS in 1998.


As you can see, nobody not even celebs are exempt from breast cancer. That’s why you should self-check yourself and after age 40, receive a mammogram yearly. Breast cancer is horrible but if it’s caught early enough, it has a high cure rate. 

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