No Shave November Is Here: Who Will Answer The Call?

It’s the month beard-lovers have been waiting for…November is finally here! All across the country brave men will be answering the call and pledging to participate in No Shave November, also known as “Movember”.

no-shave november

Mustaches will spring out of nowhere, neck-beards will be left untrimmed, and for 30 glorious days everyone will delight in their hairy glory! But there’s much more to Movember than just finding out which one of your friends can grow the biggest beard. It’s an event that, although very fun and certainly entertaining, was designed to shed light on the much more important topic of men’s health.

biggest health issues faced by men

The overall goal? Use your whiskers to raise money that goes towards supporting men’s health, specifically in areas like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and physical inactivity.

We love Movember here at Rosetta Radiology (and not just because we love beards!). We think it’s such a fun way to get people talking about an important issue, and it’s something we definitely love to promote. We’d love to see what you guys are doing for Movember! Got an impressive mo that you want to show off? Share it with us on Facebook

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