4 Reasons Why You Might Need An MRI

As we’ve discussed in a previous blog, MRI scans are incredibly useful diagnostic tools. They can help detect everything from stroke damage to slipped discs— and can provide detailed images of everything in between. One of the major benefits of MRI is that it does not expose the patient to ionizing radiation. However, patients who have metallic implants or tattoos should never have an MRI— this type of scan uses extremely strong magnets to record and create images. Here are a few reasons you might need an MRI.

You Might Need An MRI If…

Your Nervous System Needs Imaging

The soft tissue of the nervous system (brain, spinal column, and nerves) shows up best on MRI imaging. Your doctor may recommend an MRI if you have a spinal injury, signs of stroke or aneurysm, or he suspects a degenerative disease like demyelinating disorders. There are also special types of MRI scans like functional MRI that can view the brain’s reaction to stimuli in real-time. These scans can help develop plans for the treatment of epilepsy as well as manage rehabilitation after a stroke.

Your Doctor Wants To Minimize Radiation Exposure

Since MRI machines use magnets and radio waves to produce and record images on a computer, there’s no ionizing radiation during the scan. This means that an MRI won’t cause damage to your cells and their DNA. Patients who are pregnant should avoid sources of ionizing radiation, like x-rays and CT scans. Luckily, MRIs are great at visualizing anything, so they can be used in place of CT and x-ray when necessary.

You Have A Suspected Heart Condition

Since MRIs are so good at imaging soft tissue, they are often used in a functional manner to view the heart in action. Some ultrasound imaging can be helpful in diagnosing heart issues, but an MRI will get your doctor the best picture of what is going on internally. Heart MRIs can help detect blockages, structural abnormalities, and damage due to heart attack.

Your Doctor Needs To Evaluate Large Areas

MRIs are often used to scan large portions of a patient’s body; the MRI machine is very large and can take images of significantly-sized cross sections. This is one reason MRI scans are used to assess whether a cancer has spread to other parts of a patient’s body. Using this technology can help minimize the time you spend in another type of machine – and reduce your exposure to radiation in the process.

MRI In Manhattan

If your doctor has asked that you get an MRI scan done, you may be referred to a variety of imaging centers in Manhattan. Here at Rosetta Radiology, we have radiologists on site that can look at and respond to your image results in a time-efficient manner. Choose Rosetta Radiology for all of your imaging needs.