Student Chorus Dedicates A Special Performance to Teacher Battling Breast Cancer

Sometimes we see stuff in the news that’s terribly touching, incredibly inspiring, and that frankly just has a way of bringing tears to your eyes. We’re pretty sure that this is what it means when someone talks about something giving you “the feels”, and all we can say is that this story 100% without a doubt gave us every single one of the feels.

So here’s what happened. Adriana Lopez is one of the teachers at Public School #22 in State Island, New York. Mrs. Lopez was recently diagnosed with and has been fighting breast cancer. Despite her recent diagnosis, Mrs. Lopez has continued to teach at PS22, serving as an inspiration to both students and teachers.

Every year, PS22’s student chorus performs a special song with their director, Gregg Breinberg. This year, to honor Mrs. Lopez and show their love and support for a teacher that’s meant so much to them, the students in the elementary choir dedicated their special performance of Martina McBride’s “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” to her.

Check out the video of the performance and try not to bawl!

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