3 Unique Ways That X-Ray Technology Is Used

Most of us have had an x-ray at some point in our life, whether it’s been for an injury or a routine check-up like at the dentist. X-rays are a common way to see inside the body to diagnose and treat ailments or monitor any progression in the body. But did you know that x-rays have other unique uses outside the medical field? Below are three unique and fun x-ray uses in modern-day life.

Airport Security

Another very common setting where x-rays are regularly used is the airport.  Both you and your bags undergo x-ray viewing as a security measure. Because of heightened security measures at airports, scanners look in your suitcases to rule out the presence of weapons or contraband. Metal objects like weapons can appear when going through airport safety scanning systems. In this case, x-ray technology saves millions of lives each year by keeping our flights and airports safe!

Examining Fossils

Another unexpected use for X-rays? Examining fossils! Archeologists and geologists may use x-rays to glean additional facts and details about an object that was discovered during a “dig”. With x-rays, they are able to learn fascinating details about that particular creature or object. By examining these ancient relics, we can learn about who that person or animal was, where they originated, etc. It’s like time traveling!

Inspecting Food Products

X-rays are commonly used on the assembly line remove food products that contain foreign objects or do not meet quality standards. This use of x-rays has been employed since the 1960s, when it was first approved by the FDA. New technology is also being developed that will help to cleanse and decontaminate food products as they are x-rayed, which can help reduce injury or the contraction of foodborne illnesses.

Though we only highlighted three uses, x-rays are abundantly used in an out of the medical fields to do amazing things every day. From identifying objects in space, to saving lives as diagnostic imagery, x-rays are an integral part of human life and will continue to give us essential information in an ever-changing world. Need an x-ray? Schedule yours with the imaging experts at Rosetta Radiology today!

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