3 Things CT Is Used For

Computed Tomography (CT) has been widely available since the 1980s, with implications mainly for the healthcare sector. While CT technology has greatly increased our understanding of the inside of the human body, it has also led to interesting discoveries after scanning different kinds of objects.

What Is A CT Scan?

CT scanners use x-rays to produce an image of a cross-section of the body or object being scanned. When many cross-sections are taken, a three-dimensional image of the body cavity, tumor, or object can be created. Computed tomography does, therefore, use small amounts of radiation to produce the images that radiologists interpret. 

Depending on the patient or object being scanned, sometimes the risks may outweigh the benefits; for example, pregnant women are advised to avoid CT scanners unless an x-ray or CT image is medically necessary.

3 Ways CT Is Used

Most of our patients often assume that CT only has utility within the medical field, but this is actually not the case. The technology that computed tomography is built on has implications and uses within more than just medicine. Let’s take a look at three great ways CT is used:

History & Archaeology

Since CT scanners use basic x-ray technology, they can be used for many different applications. CT has been used to scan and identify the materials in historical artifacts like miniature figurines. CT is also useful in cases where an artifact’s internal components need to be visualized without destroying the object itself.


Since human remains were so well-preserved by the ancient Egyptians (and other cultures), computed tomography can be extremely illuminating to collect images of coffins and bodies – no disassembly required. In fact, CT was used at the end of 2020 to add to our historical knowledge of the less extravagant burial methods used by Egypt around the first century, A.D..

Diagnosing Patients

CT scans are routinely used every day to aid in diagnosing internal medical issues. Many emergency room patients whose injuries are not apparent (or more extensive than doctors realize) will need a CT scan. This imaging technique will alert doctors to the problem so that they can develop a course of treatment.

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