3 Reasons To Choose Rosetta Radiology For Your Imaging Needs

When it comes to choosing an imaging center you have options, but not all are created equal. Whether you need diagnostic imaging, women’s imaging, or pediatric imaging, where you choose to have your images taken and interpreted is important.

We would love for you to automatically choose Rosetta Radiology for all of your imaging needs, but in case you need some reasons to be convinced, here are three compelling reasons to choose Rosetta Radiology!

Our Radiologists are Board-Certified

All of our onsite radiologists are board-certified. Board certification is more than a piece of paper; it’s a promise that we are committed to the highest quality of imaging standards, innovation, and safety. The American College of Radiology provides the Gold Standard in accreditation for medical imaging. By displaying the gold seals of ACR Accreditation in tandem with our board-certified radiologists, Rosetta Radiology shows our patients that we are committed to providing the safest and best quality care possible.

Our Radiologists Care And Are On-Site

Believe it or not, most imaging centers don’t have radiologists reading and diagnosing the patient scans on-site. The scans are performed at the center, and then the images are sent to an off-site group of rads. They read and diagnose the results, then send those back to the center. These radiologists never come in contact with the patients, and they’re reading scans for multiple centers. Our radiologists are here on-site 100% of the time. Because of that, they’re able to spend the time to get to know your unique needs and imaging goals. In addition to their dedication to quality care and innovation, our radiologists care about their patients. Every patient has the opportunity to consult with the radiologist who will be interpreting the images and recommending a treatment plan based on the results. 

Our Radiologists Specialize

While take pride in having radiologists who can “do it all”, we’re equally as proud of the fact that our radiologists specialize in many subspecialties including women’s imaging, pediatric imaging, radiation oncology, and much more. By having radiologists that specialize in different subspecialties within radiology, we ensure you get the right radiologist with the best skillset for your unique imaging needs.

At the end of the day, we know you’ll feel welcome and comfortable at Rosetta Radiology. If you want an imaging center in New York that is ACR accredited and has on-site, board-certified, specialized radiologists who care about your health and wellbeing, call us today or request an appointment online!