3 Benefits Of Onsite Radiologists

There are so many different factors that go into where you choose to get your imaging procedures! Whether your concerns center around the pricing, location, or the variety of services offered at your imaging facility, there are many things to consider before selecting your diagnostic imaging center. One of the most important ones? The staff and radiologists. 

Rosetta Radiology varies from other centers because we have on-site radiologists that provide personalized care on the spot. There’s no need to wait weeks for results when you can meet with one of our board certified radiologists in person after your scan to discuss the results! 

There are tons of benefits to picking an imaging center that has radiologists on-site for your care, but here are a few of the biggest ones: 

Benefit #1: Direct Interaction With Our Rads

When you use an imaging center that has radiologists on-site, you’ll get to discuss your scan results with the actual radiologist – which isn’t always the case! Many centers use “offsite radiologists” and send scans for them to interpret remotely. The radiologist then relays the results to your doctor and someone from your doctor’s office eventually shares them with you, typically over the phone. 

At Rosetta our radiologists will provide you with your results in person after interpreting them. Patients are allowed the chance to ask questions and better understand their imaging results, which can go a long way towards approaching any diagnosis with clarity. This valuable facetime with the radiologists also means that they get a chance to become familiar with your specific case and with you as a person, leading to more personalized care! You’re not a number at Rosetta Radiology – as one of our patients you are cared for as a part of our family.

Benefit #2: No Wait Time For Results

Waiting for imaging results can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re facing a potential cancer diagnosis. With an on-site radiologist, you’ll only have to wait a few moments to receive your results instead of days or, in some cases, weeks. Some centers with off-site radiologists may require you to book an appointment just to receive your results, but with an on-site radiologist you won’t have to wait for personalized results.

Benefit #3: Decreased Chances of Needing Follow-Up Imaging

According to the American College of Radiology, follow-ups are less likely to be necessary when an on-site radiologist interprets results on the spot. Additionally, patients are 34% less likely to need follow-up imaging when using facilities with on-site radiologists. What does this mean for you? More accurate results, less time wasted on follow-up imaging, and more money in your pocket.

Picking a diagnostic imaging center can be a big decision but it’s easy to see why, when given a choice, patients are opting for centers like Rosetta Radiology that have board certified radiologists right here on-site. Our team is dedicated to providing each patient with the highest level of patient care and delivering quick results, regardless of the diagnosis. Schedule an appointment today!