Taking A Moment to Thank Our Workers

It’s Christmas, and during this time of the year Santa gets a lot of attention. He’s the guy in charge, he’s the one who delivers the presents and makes kids’ dreams come true. And while Santa’s great and everything, we think there are some people behind the scenes who deserve a little bit more attention: the elves.

Think about it. What would Santa really be without the help of his elves? They’re the ones who make the presents, who make everything Santa does possible. But they’re behind the scenes, they’re the people we don’t really view as particularly important or having a large role but in reality without them nothing would be the same. Nothing would function the way that it’s supposed to.

This Christmas we’re thankful for so many things, but the best gift we’ve ever been given has been our elves here in the office. They come in many different forms: in the woman you speak with over the phone to schedule appointments, in the happy faces that greet you at the front desk, in our marketing rep who visits with referring physicians, in our rad tech’s who walk you through the MRI scan, and in our radiologists who examine and diagnose the results of each scan.

Our center is Santa, but without the help of our many office elves Rosetta Radiology wouldn’t be able to do what it’s here to do: deliver good cheer and the gift of health to patients throughout the New York community.

So we’d like to say “Thank You” to each and every one of our elves. Thank you for the time that you spend each day in the office, thank you for the knowledge that you bring to our center, thank you for the passion you display for our patients and your dedication towards ensuring that each and every visit to Rosetta Radiology is a positive one. Thank you for your time, your effort, and for simply being you. We couldn’t survive without you! 

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