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Does Radiation Therapy Make Cancer Worse?

For cancer patients, treatment options are usually limited to choosing between radiation therapy and homeopathic treatment. Most patients are hesitant to choose radiation therapy because of the potential dangers radiation exposure pose. But does radiation therapy actually work?

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What Is the Relationship Between Bone Density and Breast Cancer

How can bone density and breast cancer be related? The two afflictions seem so different that there must be some strange, convoluted, hidden link between the two, right? In this blog, we’ll look at one of our most commonly asked questions: does breast cancer affect bone density? We’ll also explore the utility of the DEXA scan in your fight against breast cancer as you age.

How Does Bone Density Affect Breast Cancer?

The missing link between these two seemingly unrelated issues is a little hormone called estrogen. Estrogen […]

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Which Cancers Are Best Treated by Radiation Therapy?

Radiation is one of the more difficult treatments to go through, and chemotherapy might even be worse. However, when you’re battling an extreme illness like cancer, extreme treatments are required. Luckily, you have three good options (radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgical removal) at your disposal一 your oncologist might even combine them for a more aggressive treatment plan. Here at Rosetta Radiology, we specialize in radiology services, including radiation therapy.

What Is Radiation Therapy?

Also known as radiation oncology, radiation therapy […]

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