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What Is Radiation Dermatitis? How to Take Care of Radiation Burns

Many people are hesitant about undergoing radiation therapy. Though it’s been proven to be especially effective at treating cancerous malignancies, the treatment doesn’t come without its side effects. One of the most infamous side effects of radiation oncology is radiation burns– medically known as radiation dermatitis. Today we’re discussing everything you need to know about this condition: what causes it, what the symptoms are, and how to treat it. Let’s dive in.

What Happens To Your Skin During Radiation Therapy?

It’s essential to keep in mind the reason […]

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4 Facts You Should Know About 4D Baby Ultrasounds

Aside from giving birth, a highlight of any mother’s pregnancy is seeing her child for the first time through a baby ultrasound. In addition to playing a huge emotional role during pregnancy, these imaging tests are important for medical reasons, such as tracking a child’s development and ensuring that both the baby and the mother remain in good health.

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Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Vision

Were you aware that July is Healthy Vision Month? Here at Rosetta Radiology, we want to raise awareness about how to improve eye health and provide some tips for better vision.

How To Improve Eye Health

It’s easy to take our vision for granted— after all, the majority of us have been able to see with little problems since we were born. Unfortunately, vision can deteriorate very quickly, sometimes without much warning. When it comes to our eyesight, knowledge and prevention really are the best line of defense. […]

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What Is ACR Accreditation & Why Does it Matter?

Most patients will either receive a referral from their doctor or search for another imaging center that accepts their insurance coverage. However, another factor may help you decide on an imaging center: ACR accreditation; Rosetta Radiology is an ACR accredited imaging center with seven accredited imaging services.

What Is ACR Accreditation?

The American College of Radiology (ACR) is responsible for this particular set of accreditations. As with any accreditation, the ACR has certain standards of care and quality that must be met in order for centers to receive […]

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3 Things CT Is Used For

Computed Tomography (CT) has been widely available since the 1980s, with implications mainly for the healthcare sector. While CT technology has greatly increased our understanding of the inside of the human body, it has also led to interesting discoveries after scanning different kinds of objects.

What Is A CT Scan?

CT scanners use x-rays to produce an image of a cross-section of the body or object being scanned. When many cross-sections are taken, a three-dimensional image of the body cavity, tumor, or object can […]