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  • The benefits of MRI testing on children with cerebral palsy

The Benefits Of MRI Testing On Children With Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is difficult to recognize in newborns and infants, but MRI technology plays a crucial role in diagnosing the disease. Learn more about how MRI testing for cerebral palsy works. 

  • 5 coping tips for dealing with radiotherapy side effects

5 Coping Tips For Dealing With Radiotherapy Side Effects

Radiation therapy is often a grueling process for many patients, both physically and emotionally.  No matter how helpless you may feel, there is a lot that you (and we) can do to help treat the side effects of radiotherapy. Here are 5 radiotherapy coping tips we believe anyone going through radiation should know. 

  • fluoroscopy uncovered: procedure, exam length & more

Fluoroscopy Uncovered: Procedure, Exam Length, & More

Fluoroscopy is used in many different types of examinations as a diagnostic procedure or in conjunction with other procedures. Fluoroscopy allows medical professionals to look at many different systems in the body to diagnose any diseases or issues in those systems.

What is a fluoroscopy?

Fluoroscopy is the study or moving bodily structures. A continuous x-ray is passed through the body and a moving picture is transmitted to a screen where it can be seen in detail. It is a basic form of x-ray that using a piece of equipment called a fluoroscope to observe organs and systems in real […]

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How Does 3D Mammography Vary From Traditional Exams

Mammograms are the imaging test of choice for women and its simple to see why. Mammography is important because it helps catch breast cancer before symptoms appear which can help increase success rates. There are various women’s imaging scans to choose from, including two type of mammograms. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between 3D-mammography and traditional mammography.