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  • How To Support Someone Going Through breast cancer

How to Support Someone Going Through Breast Cancer

Cancer can be difficult for the families and friends involved, but especially for the cancer patient. Watching a loved-one fight cancer can be frustrating, disheartening, and emotionally draining. Through the battle of breast cancer, the best thing you can do to help fight it is offering your support. Our teat at Rosetta Radiology has three tips that will help you and your loved one fight cancer and stay strong. 

  • Do PET Scans Pose A Risk

Do PET Scans Pose A Risk?

Many diagnostic imaging scans may seem foreign to patients and understandably so. The use of tracers and dyes can be intimidating and may even raise questions regarding patient safety. Radiation exposure is a common question concerning PET scans, but we are here to clear up any safety concerns you may have.