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  • 6 Ways To Increase Bone Health

Fight Back Against Osteoporosis: 6 Ways To Increase Bone Health

After being diagnosed with Osteoporosis your first thought may be 'what now'? If you already have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis, you can do a few things to help maintain or improve your bone health to help prevent the full side effects of this disease. These tips can help prevent the disease from occurring in the future and help keep your bones healthy. 

  • How To Promote Healthy Teeth

Children’s Dental Health Month: How To Promote Healthy Teeth

February is the month for Children’s Dental Health and spreading awareness on how to start positive dental health habits at a young age. With more than More than 40% of children with dental cavities by the time they reach kindergarten, teaching proper dental hygiene techniques is important and starts with the parent. Fortunately, most dental problems are easily preventable by following these healthy teeth tips for children.

  • 5 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Heart

5 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Heart

February is the month for heart health and bringing awareness to the deadliest disease in America.  Heart disease accounts for the highest death toll between men and women. Fortunately, this disease is easily preventable. By following these healthy lifestyle tips, you can help keep your heart healthy.

  • Chocolate and Its Health Benefits

Chocolate And Its Health Benefits

Chocolate is an indulgent food, but it also offers surprising health benefits.  Dark chocolate is packed with various health benefits and are proven to release endorphins into your brain. So grab a bar of your favorite dark chocolate and learn about how this decadent treat can make you healthier.

  • Do Cancer Cells Thrive On Processed Sugar

Do Cancer Cells Thrive On Processed Sugar?

There are certain triggers that can increase one's chance of developing cancerous cells. Similarly to how wearing sunscreen can help prevent skin cancer, studies are always finding what can cause cancer to develop. While it's difficult to know what really does increase your chances of developing cancer, studies have shown that what you do and do not eat can directly affect the growth of cancerous cells.