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  • Vocab Of The Day: Hysterosalpingogram

Vocab Of The Day: Hysterosalpingogram

If it just took you 5 times to read that word correctly, you're not alone. Under our diagnostic imaging section, you'll see that "hysterosalpingogram" is a specialty procedure that we offer. Sounds super fancy, right?

  • Ways to cool off in the summer heat

5 ways to cool off in the summer heat

New York in the summer can be both the greatest city in the world, and the most grueling place on Earth. This summer, especially, has been quite steamier than most with high temperatures soaring to the upper 90s. New Yorkers need sweet relief and we have it for you, use these tips when venturing outdoors for the rest of the summer season. 

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  • How to avoid cancer

A doctor’s response to: “How can I avoid cancer?”

Cancer. It’s arguably one of the most heartbreaking diseases in the field of medicine. There are nearly 100 different types of cancer, and almost half a million people die every year because of it. Everyone knows someone who has had cancer, and the struggle of cancer is challenging not only for the patient but for the family and friends as well. Considering these grim statistics, a lot of patients will ask doctors, “How can I avoid getting cancer?”

  • We can see that pain in your brain

We Can See That Pain in Your Brain!

Tor Wagner from the University of Colorado at Boulder took the lead on a study to try and see how the brain processes brain. By using an fMRI scan and painfully hot temperatures, the old ways of measuring pain have been proven insufficient. Usually, pain is recorded on a self-report basis on a 1-10 scale. There’s no way to know if pain is being exaggerated or underplayed by the patient.