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  • The best time to see doctor

When’s the best time to go see the doctor?

We all know that going to the doctor can sometimes be a pain. Scheduling an appointment for the right time of day, waiting for what feels like hours, and then having a doctor telling you the news of what’s wrong. It’s a lot to handle, and it can feel like a drag. Everyone needs to go to the doctor at some point, but there is a specific time of year, week and day to go to the doctor to help you have a smoother experience at the doctor’s office.

  • More patients are surviving cancer

More Patients Are Surviving Cancer

Thankfully, cancer is not the fatal diagnosis it once was. The United States currently has 13.7 million cancer survivors, a number which is expected to increase 31% (18 million survivors) by 2022. Apparently, a lot of the survivors are of the older generation. The American Association for Cancer Research report states, “By 2020, we expect that two-thirds of cancer survivors are going to be aged 65 and older.”

  • 10 habits for successful women

10 Habits for Successful Women

Did you check out Lauren Conrad’s blog last week? No? Well she’s posted some more great material that we would love to share with you. Roseanne Barr once said, “The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it,” and Conrad’s latest article talks about how women can take the power at work.