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Why The Number Of Prostate Cancer Screenings Continues To Fall

November is set aside for raising awareness about men’s health, and one of the diseases that most commonly affects men is prostate cancer.  Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men, and every year there are approximately 220,800 new cases of the disease. Often considered the “breast cancer of men’s health”, statistics show that 1 in every 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime.

Despite the commonality of the disease, recent reports show that the number of early prostate cancer cases has fallen over the years, something researchers believe may be the result of the decreasing […]

A Salute To Our Veterans: Past, Present, and Future

We celebrate a lot of holidays, official and unofficial, here in the United States. From Christmas to Easter to President’s Day to National Cat Day to National Coffee Day, there’s a holiday for almost everything nowadays. As fun as many of these holidays are, not all of them are equally as important. While some holidays (like National Cat Day, for example) are simply a source of entertainment, there are other holidays that really mean something, that exist on a deeper level and carry much more weight. Veterans Day is one of these.

Out of all of the holidays, Veterans Day holds […]

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ACO: A Simple Break Down

Thanks to Kaiser Health News, we’re able to give you the play by play about three of the most important letters in healthcare: ACO. The Affordable Health Act encourages doctors, hospitals, and other providers to connect with each other, forming the Medicare program’s Accountable Care Organizations.

No Shave November Is Here: Who Will Answer The Call?

It’s the month beard-lovers have been waiting for…November is finally here! All across the country brave men will be answering the call and pledging to participate in No Shave November, also known as “Movember”.

no-shave november

Mustaches will spring out of nowhere, neck-beards will be left untrimmed, and for 30 glorious days everyone will delight in their hairy glory! But there’s much more to Movember than just finding out which one of your friends can grow the biggest beard. It’s an event that, although […]