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Donated Blood: There Just Isn’t Enough To Go Around

Donating blood can be scary, we all know that. People have so many excuses for why they can’t: “I might pass out”, “I’m scared of needles”, “it makes me dizzy”, “the last time I went the person was terrible and was poking around in my arm for 15 minutes”, “I just don’t have time to go out of my way to do it”, “my blood sugar is too low”.

We’re so quick to come up with reasons not to donate, and I think one of the largest reasons is that we assume we don’t have to donate because there are so […]

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Laughter is the Best Medicine: Don’t Believe Us? Read On.

“Laughter is part of the human survival kit,” says Comedian David Nathan, and he’s not far off. Dr. Hunter Campbell, who inspired the movie Patch Adams, opened a humor-infused care hospital in a six-bedroom home. It’s called the Gesundheit Institute, a non-profit healthcare organization offering humanitarian clowning trips and educational programs.

He plans to incorporate performance art, crafting, nature, agriculture, and other recreational and social service activities. You can see more about the program here.

“Humor is a great communication tool to relieve tension between people and facilitate relationship-building,” says the Heart MD Institute, “As a coping mechanism, humor helps people […]

Examining Depression and Anxiety Through A Comic Book

Mental health is somewhat of a black sheep in our field. It’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about, something whispered about in corners or waved off as not being a legitimate “medical illness”. Anyone who has struggled with depression and anxiety, however, can tell you with certainty that they’re complex diseases that are incredibly difficult to treat, overwhelming to overcome, and have significant negative impacts on the daily lives of the individuals battling them.

Part of the problem is that people who have never experienced mental health disorders like depression or anxiety simply just don’t […]

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Drafting A Health Care Provider

Football season is finally upon us, but it’s likely that at this point you’ve probably had enough drafting drama to last for a lifetime. Drafting a killer fantasy team isn’t easy, and drafting a killer league in all four of your fantasy leagues? Even less likely. Most of us will be lucky to come out with one or two mediocre teams, and will be even luckier if those players make it to the regular season with a season-ending injury (we’re looking at you, Jordy Nelson).

The best thing you can do to make sure your fantasy team is as great as […]

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This Labor Day, Say “Thank You”

Labor Day is awesome. It’s the one day of the year set aside to value and appreciate the people who wake up every morning and spend their days working to make the country we live in as good as it can be; the ones who work to provide for themselves, for their families, and to help give back to others.

We have so many people here in our office that we’re so thankful for this Labor Day, and so many patients who we know deserve recognition as well. We hope that every day we’re able to make you guys feel valued […]

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