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Zion’s Story: How an 8 Year Old Became the First Double Hand Transplant Patient

This week, something pretty exciting happened in the medical community. Zion Harvey, an 8-year-old boy from Baltimore, Maryland, became the first child to ever receive a double hand transplant. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia released this video, sharing Zion’s story and showing incredible footage from the operation.

Zion’s struggles with health started at an incredibly young age. At just 2 years old, Zion suffered from a sepsis infection that almost killed him and resulted in severe organ failure. In order to save his life, doctors were […]

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Student Chorus Dedicates A Special Performance to Teacher Battling Breast Cancer

Sometimes we see stuff in the news that’s terribly touching, incredibly inspiring, and that frankly just has a way of bringing tears to your eyes. We’re pretty sure that this is what it means when someone talks about something giving you “the feels”, and all we can say is that this story 100% without a doubt gave us every single one of the feels.

So here’s what happened. Adriana Lopez is one of the teachers at Public School #22 in State Island, New York. Mrs. Lopez was recently diagnosed with and has been fighting breast cancer. Despite her recent diagnosis, Mrs. […]

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Making the Most of Your Independence Day

Tomorrow is July 4th, one of the best days of the entire year! It’s the day we declared our independence from Great Britain, the day that we—the citizens of the United States of America—finally became a nation. Essentially, it’s the reason for that “Amurica!” pride we all hold dear.

Yes, tomorrow is the 4th of July, which means today most of you are either celebrating a day off work, sitting in the slow beach crawl traffic, frantically shopping for last minute supplies before you begin prepping for tomorrow’s party, or elbowing people aside at the local fireworks stand in a desperate […]