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Virginia Man Sues for Defamation and Malpractice

At this point we’ve probably all heard the story. It’s a story that swept the nation by storm this week, causing outrage and intrigue across the country. It’s the one about the Vienna man who was ridiculed, trashed, and given false diagnosis, all while he was lying vulnerable and unconscious on an operating table in Reston, Virginia.

He went in for a routine colonoscopy, and before he was anesthetized he asked if he could record the post-operation instructions his doctor was giving to him before the procedure so that he would be able to remember them after, even if he was […]

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Referring Physician Spotlights: Take Advantage!

We love our referring physicians. They play a huge role in the work that we do here, and we think they’re awesome! We also think it’s important that our patients get an opportunity to learn about them as well. That’s why we originally began doing physician spotlights on our blog.

We haven’t done one in a while, and we really want to get back into the habit. It was a great way for us to bring some attention to some of our favorite referring physicians and help raise patient awareness about their existence. We think it’s incredibly important to support other […]

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Finding Inspiration in the ABC’s of Cancer

One of the hardest things about working in the medical field is the constant exposure to people who are sick, hurting, or in some cases dying. It’s not easy to be around people who are hurting, to be around people who may be discouraged. It has to be even more difficult for people who work with terminal or high-risk patients.

It’s hard because sometimes there’s not much you can personally do. You see a person struggling and you want to help, but sometimes you just can’t. All you can do is try to encourage them.

We stumbled across this piece the other […]

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An Interesting Approach to Improving Pediatric Care

So often we face challenges in our field that demand to be overcome, many that people don’t realize. How do you plan treatment for an advanced stage of a disease? How can you work around a patient’s physical limitations to provide them the care that they need?

The challenges aren’t always physical. In many cases the greatest challenges we face in the medical field are emotional ones. How can you help make a terminally ill child smile? How can you positively impact the last few months of her life?

We’ve come so far technologically in the past few decades, and more and […]

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