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One Small Step that Helps Us Help You

This year we’ve been really focusing on trying to figure out what our patients and providers want from us. We created this blog as a point of contact, a way of reaching out and connecting with each of you.

We’ve used it to share information about our center, our staff, and the medical procedures that we do here. We’ve done spotlights, we’ve done survival stories, and we’ve done some really random stuff as well.

Our goal has always been to use this blog as a way to provide you guys with information, be a source of entertainment or enjoyment during a long […]

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Surviving Colon Cancer: Robin’s Story

“It was a mild breezy spring day in 2013.  I had just hit a tee shot down the left hand side of #1, which made a fortunate bounce into the fairway, leaving me a short iron from the green.  The call I received before hitting that short iron, felt like a very unfortunate bounce into the deep rough, hazard, or maybe even out of bounds.  The doctor said, “Mr. Embry, the pathology report confirms you have cancer”.  About a month before, I had developed a very sharp pain in my side.  My doctor sent me for a CT […]

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