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National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

There’s a misconception out there that people only care about things that relate specifically to them; that because our center focuses on specific procedures, that that’s all we care about…but it’s not. As much as we love talking about MRI’s or similar procedure types, we realize that it’s only a tiny part of the much larger picture that is “general health/medicine”.

As members of the health and medical industry, we have a higher obligation to raise awareness about a variety of different topics that aren’t necessarily our traditional “beat” but are equally important. As much as we want to raise awareness […]

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Testimonial Time!

It goes without saying that we have the best patients out there. Hands down. No arguing. It’s a fact.  Every week we’re amazed by the interactions that we have and by the people that we meet. Every week there’s a patient who manages to put a smile on our faces or inspire us to be better. Every week there’s a new reason to keep coming back to work, and that reason is you.

We aren’t kidding when we say that we literally could not do what we do without help from each and every one of you. This year, we want […]

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Not All “Bores” Are Equal

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to the various types of MRI. Centers toss around terms like “open” and “closed” and “wide open” and expect patients to take them at their word and understand what the differences are. We can’t tell whether the machine is the type it’s supposed to be. We’re not the experts. But with a little help, we can get a better understanding of the differences in each type of MRI so that later down the line, when we finally have to take that trip into a medical center for our first MRI, we know […]

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What Life Looks Like Through X-Ray Vision

When we think about x-ray technology, we picture it being put to use in practical ways. We visualize images of broken bones, be it a leg or a pinky finger, and then our minds begin to wander. We don’t think about the variety of things x-ray technology can show, or the way that normal events can be turned into extraordinary, beautiful images when viewed through the lens of x-ray technology.

Check out some of these eye-opening videos below, which depict a number of different ordinary and extraordinary scenarios seen through, for lack of a better phrase, x-ray vision.

Like this man playing […]

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