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Halloween Trivia Could Win You Some Candy!

To celebrate the holiday, Rosetta Radiology is encouraging everyone to interact with us to win some delicious candy.
We promise not to trick you with these questions; treats all the way!

Simply write on our Facebook Wall or Tweet at us, and we’ll respond with a trivia question. Get it right? And we’ll deliver some candy for you to enjoy!

Click here for Facebook, and here for Twitter.

As always, keep us in mind for scanning needs as well! Call (212) 744-5538 for an appointment.

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New Breast Cancer Detection In the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, scientists at BYU and the University of Utah have been working on a new procedure to increase detection.

The new procedure is an MRI device that targets sodium levels instead of the usual proton images.

Malignant tumors are thought to have an increase in sodium concentrations, so by looking for that, these new procedures are already five-times more accurate than other efforts with different exams.

While X-Ray Mammograms are still the number one procedure, it’s not as efficient with dense breasts, and it’s also very […]

So It’s October…Should I Get a Mammogram? Mammograms, Ultrasounds, Family History, Reproductive History, Dense Breasts, Age…

A lot goes into breast cancer screening, and we’re here to try and help you figure it all out.

Basically, two factors go into whether or not you’re at risk for breast cancer: being a woman and getting older.

Yes, the American Cancer Society suggests beginning screening at age 40, and the US Preventive Task Force suggests age 50, but you can screen whenever you see it necessary.

Women in their 20s and 30s can also develop breast cancer. The official baseline screening age is 35.

While […]

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Go Pink for October!

It’s October, which means it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Time to celebrate the boobies. is doing just that.

Just as “Red Fridays” support support the troops, we’re encouraging you all to wear Pink to support the chest.

PinkforOctober says “Our mission is simple, to help the internet ‘go pink for October’ in an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer.”

Everyone’s participating! Join us, and show us your PINK Support by sharing pictures on our Facebook page!