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Marking Proteins Could Mean Early Detection and Treatment for Cancer, Heart Disease, and Alzheimer’s

When conquering such diseases, early detection of specific treatments are the most important things to focus on. Detection of molecular biomakers offers non-invasive ways to highlight the best ways to help. Thanks to various imaging procedures, such as PET Scans, MRI Scans, and Ultrasounds, scientists have started to pinpoint specific proteins that signal development of certain cancers, heart diseases, and Alzheimer’s: a little red flag to begin treatment.

PET and MRI scans can detect β-amyloid in the brain which signals the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Fluorescent “Dmt-Tic” probes can focus on the δ-Opioid Receptor which is linked to lung cancer. Using these […]

Case Study: Man’s Stomach Ferments Food Leading to Constant Intoxication Usually “beer bellies” come from drinking too much alcohol. However, some people (very few, but still…) can’t help it.

They call it: gut fermentation syndrome, also known as auto-brewery syndrome. There have been very few cases recorded in the last thirty years, but it still happens.

Recently, an unnamed 61-year-old Texan came forward saying he felt drunk literally all the time. His wife is a nurse who gave him breathalyzer tests. Even after ensuring he didn’t drink, he would blow as high as a 0.40 BAC.

“The physicians were not aware of any way that a […]

Changes for Dense Breasts

Most women know that mammography is the go-to test for breast cancer screenings. However, most women don’t know that dense breasts can diminish mammography sensitivity up to 20%. What happens is the dense breast can obscure cancer during the imaging.

Several states have adopted a new law that requires doctors to notify their patients in writing when they have dense breases, which is a sign to get further testing either as an ultrasound or MRI.

However, about 50% of women undergoing screening have sense breasts. Should the state really be required to send out two million letters a year, and can the […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Work Experience


“Living in the grey means that you embrace the idea that you should strive for fulfillment in your career by uniting personal passions with professional pursuits and valuing social engagement in your workplace,” says Munczinski.

The movement has a huge following, including celebrities like Sophia Bush of One Tree Hill and model, Lauren Bush Lauren.

But why make an effort to combine your social and professional life?

Research actually shows that feeling fulfilled in the workplace leads to higher engagement and retention at that job.


  • Exercise builds character

Exercise Builds Character, and A Healthier Family Too!

Now more than ever, there’s been an emphasis placed on the self: on caring for yourself, on appreciating yourself, on doing all you can to improve yourself. You only have one life, and you only have one body to live it in. Why wouldn’t you do everything you could to care for that body? The easiest thing that you can do to help nourish your body is to live a healthy lifestyle.

The best thing about a healthy lifestyle is that it’s never too late to start having one! People are much more educated now about the positive effects a healthy […]

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Are You a Pregnant New Yorker?

url The Pregnant New Yorker is hosting an even on Thursday, September 19th that might interest you.

For $20 now (or $25 at the door), you can have all your question answered:

  • Nursing
  • Rehab the Pelvic Floor
  • What to Avoid During Pregnancy

We all know a new addition to the family is an exciting time, but it can also cause a lot of stress. The event will offer tips on how to keep your finances in check while you prepare for your little bundle.

Still stressed? How about dancing? Get on your feet and move! These fun tips will keep […]