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Can We Predict Anorexia?

url-2 The size and shape of our brains may do exactly that.

The School of Medicine at the University of Colorado explored this, using MRIs on 19 adolescent females who had been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, compared to 22 adolescent girls who had not.

The brain scans showed the females with anorexia “had larger left orbitofrontal, right insular, and bilateral temporal cortex gray matter.”

The orbitofrontal cortex tells the person when they’re full; it’s time to stop eating.

The insular is activated as we taste food; it’s related to the pleasantness of eating. Specifically, the […]

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Did You Know?

Did you know that women speak about 7,000 words in a day, while men usually hover around 2,000? is full of amazing fun facts about the body, and we’re excited to share them with you this week. For example, did you know that the brain only accounts for 2% of the body’s total weight, but it uses about 20% of our energy?

A cough forces air out of your body at about 60mph, and a sneeze can reach speeds of 100mph! Woah!

While standing still, your body is still […]

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Taking Action Against Teen Smoking

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that smoking is the number one cause of preventable deaths in the entire world, and about 3,800 people in the United States had their first cigarette before age 18, and 1,000 individuals in that age group go on to become daily smokers.

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Stay Calm, Stay Healthy

Thanks to Healthy Style NY, we’re able to offer you tips for staying healthy and some great meditation spots in the city to get you started.

Staying calm has a lot of health benefits. “Stressful emotions trigger the release of harmful chemicals like cortisol that can wreak havoc on nearly every aspect of our well-being.”

Our mood and demeanor can actually affect heart disease, depression, and the likelihood of illness as well as the likelihood of survival after being diagnosed with diseases like cancer and heart disease.

There are also smaller changes to our lives affected by stress, including […]

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Minimizing Processed Foods

Eat Local Grown has come up with a 100-Day Pledge to eat “Real Food,” meaning no preservatives or extra hormones or any of that. However,  a lot of people struggle with cutting out so many foods cold turkey, so they now offer the same idea in a 14-week program.

It’s a great thing to try to keep yourself healthy, and even if you struggle to stick to the program, “these pledges will get you to start reading ingredient labels,” which is a great habit to get into!


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Hot Chocolate: Good for the Soul and Brain

Harvard’s recent study included 60 lucky participants drinking two cups of hot chocolate a day and seeing how it affected their cognitive skills. They found that those two delicious cups “could help sharpen cognitive skills and keep their brains healthy.”


The drink leads to more blood flow to the brain, which plays an important role in cognitive diseases. This neurovascular coupling could lead to more research in treating diseases like Alzheimer’s.

However, the hot chocolate acts more like a treatment than an encouraged life change, meaning that people with an already healthy blood flow didn’t experience the positive changes than people with […]

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Shop for Your Health

A six-year Dutch study suggests that retail therapy might actually improve your life. There are different types of materialism, and different reasons for shopping, each of which are relative to certain levels of loneliness one may experience.

Materialism can (most often) mean “someone that lavishly overspends and is overly devoted to shopping,” but it can also mean a simple appreciation for material goods. Not a lot of research has been done on the topic because of this differentiation.

However, Rik Pieters of Tilburg University in the Netherlands collected interviews from more than 2,500 consumers over six years, concluding that “loneliness can foster […]

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High Fructose Corn Syrup Tricks Your Brain

Your brain works on nerve impulses that travel throughout your body. One of the important alerts comes from your stomach, which tells your brain it’s full. Without this process, we would just keep eating. That’s why it’s important to eat slowly; by slowing down, you won’t overeat by the time your brain figures out it’s full. However, studies are showing that high fructose corn syrup, or fructose in general, can hinder this trigger, allowing people to overeat.

High fructose corn syrup is 55% fructose and 45% glucose. While all types of sugar have the same number of calories, they body metabolizes […]

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