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Staff Member of the Month: Sharon Graham!

Though it is one of the biggest cities in the world, New York City can sometimes be a very lonely place. Loneliness disappears though upon walking through the doors of Rosetta Radiology and seeing the friendly smile of Sharon Graham.
Sharon has been the Practice Manager at Rosetta Radiology for 10 years now, and often serves as the staff backbone. Amidst the craziness, Sharon possesses the unique ability to run the practice with ease and lead her team despite daily trials and tribulations. Whenever a problem arises, Sharon […]

New York Bill Promotes Early Detection for Breast Cancer

In Albany, New York, the state legislature has approved a bill that could help detect early stages of breast cancer in women. By passing this bill, the hope is that women in the state of New York will be alerted earlier of any signs of dense breast tissue during a monogram, which will immediately lead them to any additional diagnostic imaging scans that would be needed to ensure women’s breast health. If the bill is passed, it would require physicians to suggest women with dense breast tissue to seek additional scanning to rule out the possibility of undetected tumors.
Dense breast […]