10 Radiology Jokes To Destress Your Week

The field of radiology, and being a radiologist, comes with a few stereotypes and misconceptions, most of which are not-entirely true! But one stereotype that is most definitely untrue is that radiologists are humorless squares. As a matter of fact, many radiologists have a great sense of humor, nerdy as it may be (that we will admit).

As radiologists, our profession can be very demanding, stressful, and mentally exhausting, so it makes sense that we tend to ease the tension with a little radiology humor. Here are 10 radiology jokes we cannot help giggling at; we hope they take the edge off the week for you, as they do for us.

1. It’s A CAT Scan!

To be fair, this imaging test is called a CT scan, but it’s commonly referred to as a CAT scan. We were never quite sure why this was — until now, that is. Everything makes so much more sense.

brain scan looks like cat (joke)

2. Skelfie = Skeleton + Selfie. Ha! Get it!?

We would be lying if we said we’ve NEVER goofed around with x-rays (always responsibly, of course). For radiologists, a skelfie is the only kind of acceptable selfie.

ready for a skalselfie?

3. Speaking Of Skelfies…

Like we were saying, skelfies are the only kind of selfies worth taking! We’re not this weird in person, we promise…

when radiologists take a selfie

4. A Radiologist’s Day

Ever wondered what the average day looks like for a radiologist? This meme captures the gist of it! I guess this is why people think we’re pale, reclusive, and antisocial?

a radiologists day

5. Awkward….

We’re pretty sure everyone went through a “Scrubs” phase. If so, we’re sure you remember this gem. It’s been years, yet, this scene still brings a warm smile to our face.

happy rad tech week

6. Best kind of humor? Radiology pun humor.

For being in such a tech-savvy field, you’d think uploading to a cloud is no big deal. Think again.

who can resist a great pun?

7. We’re Pretty Hip

Every job comes with its share of eye-twitches, this is one of ours. Remember, we can see right through you!

hip surgery

8. Barium Shot Anyone?

As radiologists, we know that the exams and exam procedures can seem very foreign to most people. That’s why we try to spice things up a bit! On that note, we will consider hiring a barium barista.

coffee anyone?

9. X-Rays Are For Everyone!

It’s true! No matter how you feel about getting an x-ray, you probably will have to go through at least one during your lifetime — or any other imaging test. But, don’t let that stress you out, even Muppets need x-rays! And geez, what an eye-opening moment that was!

even muppets need Xrays this explains so many things

10. Oh, The Humerus

Haven’t you heard the saying, “laughter is the best medicine?” That’s why we love having a laugh to some radiology humor every day, and every laugh is better shared! If you found this “humerus” like us, send it to a radiologist or radiology patient you love so that they can enjoy it too!

I found this humerus

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