Rosetta Radiology’s Board Certified Radiologists and staff are proud to provide a wide variety of services spanning Diagnostic Imaging, Women’s Imaging, and Radiation Oncology. Regardless of what you need, we provide comprehensive care to each of our patients. With our on-site radiologists, patients can receive immediate attention and, in many cases, immediate results. Most radiology practices cannot provide this kind of attention to their patients and that is what makes Rosetta Radiology different.

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Rosetta Radiology: An ACR Accredited imaging Center

Patients can be confident that they are in good hands here, because Rosetta Radiology is ACR Accredited. The ACR Accreditation means that the practice has achieved a “Gold Star” rating in the radiology world.

ACR accredited in mammography
ACR accredited in CT
ACR accredited in ultrasound
ACR accredited in breast MRI
ACR accredited in breast biopsy
ACR accredited in MRI
ACR accredited in PET CT